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Help with children's clothes (INK)

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  • Help with children's clothes (INK)

    Okay, in remembrance (It's Not dead... I Guess it was....) of the tutorial I made of clothes that can help you with your girls, to create children.
    (I forgot the password, and it wasn't working for me) I am now going to help you with INK. I guess.
    This... Is going to be really hard for me to find, & do... So...... Now, I have created two example children, the one with the thinner face is older, and the with the chubbier face is younger, but you can choose any head you want/like, it just has to like a child's face, use another child, or a child's face off of google, or wiki, or anywhere, around the age-group that you are looking for, for a proper reference.

    Here some clothes, and some ways/explanations of how you can use them

    Boyfriends Letterman Jacket:
    This can be put over any dress, or shirt with boobs.

    Such as:

    Black Peasant Shirt

    White Peasant Shirt

    Blue Peasant Shirt

    Red Peasant Shirt
    Baggy Blue Heart Sweater

    Baggy Red Heart Sweater

    Baggy Purple Heart Sweater

    Graduation Gown
    Trendy White Top

    Trendy Black Top
    and Monk Robe doesn't n e ed "Boyfriends Letterman Jacket"

    And neither do these:

    Purple One Piece Sari

    Pink One Piece Sari

    These are the Explainable clothing.:
    Winter Jacket Light Olive Green and Dark Brown

    Winter Dark Navy Blue and White

    Winter Jacket Pink and Black

    Winter Jacket White and Beige

    Winter Black and Red
    Fashionista Jacket
    Explanation: Too much stuffing on the first layer
    Military Jacket
    Angel Costume Dress Explanation: On the breast part, they either wrapped, rolled up the extra fabric into one piece,

    Angel Costume Dress (White)

    Angel Costume Dress (Sonoma Blue)

    Angel Costume Dress (Periwinkle)

    Angel Costume Dress (Lemon Yellow)

    Angel Costume Dress (Hot Pink)

    Angel Costume Dress (Dusty Purple)

    Angel Costume Dress (Black)
    Short Frills Dress: Frills are long around the top.

    Short Frills Maroon Dress

    Short Frills Blue Dress

    Puffer Vest explanation: extra puffy sluff (Not sluff) (Idk) around the top
    Puffer Vest (White)

    Puffer Vest (Sonoma Blue)

    Puffer Vest (Peach)

    Puffer Vest (Olive)

    Puffer Vest (Jeans Blue)

    Puffer Vest (Cream)

    Puffer Vest (Clam Beige)

    Puffer Vest (Chocolate)

    Puffer Vest (Cherry Red)

    Puffer Vest (Black)
    Clown Shirt: It hangs.

    Flannel Pajama Bottom (Hot Pink)
    Workout Pants (Orchid Pink)

    Scrubs Pants (Orchid Pink)
    Clown Overall Pants
    Light Maroon Genie Pants

    Gold Genie Pants

    Teal Green Genie Pants
    Women Jumpsuit
    Police Pants

    Pinstripe Pantsuit Pants

    Trendy Pantsuit Bottoms

    Scrubs Pants (Lemon Yellow)

    Scrubs Pants (Dusty Purple)

    Scrubs Pants (Desert Orange)

    Scrubs Pants (Clam Beige)
    Scrubs Pants (White)

    Scrubs Pants (Sonoma Blue)
    Shorts Soccer Jersey Blue

    Shorts Soccer Jersey White

    Shorts Soccer Jersey Green
    Firefighter Pants
    Construction Worker Pants

    Military Pants

    Pilot Pants
    Light Blue Suspender Pants

    Black Suspender Pants

    Navy Blue Suspender Pants

    Retro Mechanic Pants

    Mechanic Pants

    White Nautical Shorts

    Green Nautical Shorts

    Lavender Nautical Shorts

    Black Nautical Shorts

    Navy Blue Nautical Shorts

    Orange Nautical Shorts

    Red Nautical Shorts

    Skeleton Bottom

    Werewolf Pants
    Classy Werewolf Pants

    White Leather Leggings

    Navy Blue Leather Leggings
    Construction Vest

    tHese pants are really good for really young children. Boyfriend Jeans

    And if you know any more, please, comment down below, even if they're hidden, or public

    Cowboy Boots
    these are good ESPECIALLY for little girls, too. XD
    She can wear grown-up shoes too, but make her either fall while wearing them, balance very good, and look cute in them even if they really ugly. Bc, that's what makes very good memories.

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      This is amazing! I have kid characters in my stories, and it's hard to actually make them look like "kids". Something I'd suggest for baby male characters is to use the fencing top to make a onesie.