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Doing Things and Talking

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  • Doing Things and Talking

    Can you have a person walk across the room carrying a box and talking at the same time? O_o... my brain's not working...

    Or dragging a desk across the screen and talking at the same time

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    You could, their mouth won't move though. You'd have to put the dialogue like you regularly would except without an animation


    • aislinn21
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      Could you elaborate?

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    OH IDEA!

    Maybe if you used the talk_shrug animation with the desk? Do you get what I mean?

    Have them do talk_shrug while pulling the desk to wherever. I don't know how well this would work since I've never tried it, but you can toy around with it.

    OR! Make them do "talk_admire_gift" or whatever that animation is, and then layer the present part under the desk, so they'll look like their hands are under the desk.

    The script would have to look something like this:

    &CHAR walks to spot 1.280 270 0 in 2 AND CHAR does it while talk_admire_gift AND CHAR faces left
    &overlay DESK shifts to spot 250 0 in 2

    This desk is light as hell!
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    • aislinn21
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      I will definitely try that