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Maze Backgrounds?

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  • Maze Backgrounds?

    Someone suggested in another thread i posted that i could try having my characters go through a maze in my story. I have been searching for hours because i need some pretty specific backgrounds. I'm going to keep looking but i thought. Hey! Maybe someone else knows or has some similar backgrounds to what i need or they might at least help me know where to look!
    Basically i need 3 different backgrounds for my maze. I dont mind what kind of maze it is but the 3 backgrounds need to show different parts of the maze.
    So one could be a fork in the road the other could be just a maze wall and the other could show the entrance. They just need to be different parts of the interior of the maze... If that makes sense?? NOT BIRDS EYE VIEW!!!! So please if you know anything just reply down below!

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    If you ever want to make them yourself in the art catalog.
    hope this helps,
    suscribe to me for more help


    • Talilaluway
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      Yeah I know how to make backgrounds i just wanted to know if anyone had any already.