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Episode Portal : Fan Mail Inbox Questions

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  • Episode Portal : Fan Mail Inbox Questions

    ^ example box

    1. What does 'Starring' msgs mean? Like do they appear at the top of fan mail in the app, or are they just for you?
    2. Block Msgs, the portal says that it moves 'blocked' msgs into the blocked msgs tab - What is this list for?
    3. Underaged - - - does this mean that person can no longer send fan mail, no longer read your story, or make the comment only for people who are like 18+
    4. Report vs Block . . . ?

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    Hope this helps!

    1) Starring is like favoriting or how bookmarks work

    2) Blocked messages are for people or individual messages which are bullying or harassing and which you no longer want to appear in your fan mail

    3) Underage is for reporting fanmail messages from people who are under 13. This gets sent to Episode for investigation

    4) Report sends to Episode for review (which may result in the comment or getting blocked) while blocked immediately prevents that person from commenting further on that story


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    ooo girl what's your story title mami?


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      >.< hello #2 what happened to #1

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      #1 died sadly and kk girl ima read it