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  • Alyssa's Help Thread

    Alyssa's Help Thread

    Hello, everyone! My name is Alyssa. You may have seen me around the forums, supporting features, making art, or anything I guess. I like helping people and supporting others, so I decided to make a help thread.

    I Can Help With:
    -Text Effects
    -Spot Directing
    -Customization Templates(if you need one or etc)
    -Dressing Games
    -Remembering Flags
    -Reader Messages
    -If (etc)

    If you just have a question, I'm happy to help you!

    I'll be posting an open and closed status so you know when I won't be replying!


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    Do u help first timers


    • allyy20
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      Yes, of course! What do you need help with?

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    Originally posted by Octie baby View Post
    Do u help first timers
    I'm sure they are more than happy to assist new and seasoned community members. Give it a shot and post your questions Welcome to the community and feel free to review our forum tutorial for any commonly asked forum related questions.


    • allyy20
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      Jeremy Thank you for posting on my thread, and yes, I'll be very to assist her!

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    "I want to go to the dining room!"{
    music music_parisian_lp
    @cut to zone 2
    @ELOUISE enters from right to screen center AND ANNABELLE enters from right to screen right
    ELOUISE (talk_unsure)
    It looks like there is no one here...
    readerMessage That was lame, well too bad!
    @pan to zone 1
    @pan to zone 2
    @pan to zone 3
    @cut to zone 2
    ANNABELLE (talk_think_neutral)
    Well then how is there music playing?
    ELOUISE (talk_explain_neutral)
    Oh it just plays all the time for no reason.
    ANNABELLE (talk_afraid)
    O-ok that is really weird...
    ELOUISE (talk_exhausted)
    Would you look at that...We used up all of our time, come on we have to get back to our dorms.
    @ELOUISE is raisehand_neutral
    (So this is the second choice so it doesn't need the word choice in front of it)
    But it keeps saying: "ERROR THERE IS NOT A { on line 433 that does not have a matching }"


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      What do I do?


      • allyy20
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        I think the error is, you have nothing below your choice after the brackets were closed. Try doing that or check your first choice to see if those brackets were closed.

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      So i never tried writing on episode ill like to try its just the coding seems kinda complicated is there like a way to view the coding?


      • allyy20
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        Yes, there is! If you log onto the portal and view the stories, look for one you’re wanting to know about(you can also view them in the mobile app and have the script on your computer at the same time). Play it through while you have the script and you can see what you think of it!