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Characters won't show on the preview

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  • Characters won't show on the preview

    Now I started writing a brand new story I was so excited about and even though when I save the episode syas that it has no errors my characters won't show up in the preview. I'm using this on a desktop device and the places and the speach bubbles would show but not any character. I tried to preview it on a mobile as well and the same thing happens. I'm using the episode inc style for my characters (i think its the second one they had) and the characters look tottally fine when i want to preview the emotions. Is there something wrong with my story or the preview? THis has been such an issue.

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    Maybe give an example of the code? If you placed the characters offscreen, they might not show up (although their speech bubbles would).


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      It happened to me too, send a ticket to Episode.


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        Try resetting story progress! That's what I did!