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Recovering customization after other scenes.

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  • Recovering customization after other scenes.

    I was wondering if you can recover previously picked custom features of character.

    For example:
    User chooses in the beginning that MC has got Straight hair.
    MC goes to the party and user has opportunity of choosing an outfit and new hair - he chooses Curly hair.
    Meanwhile we have retrospection where MC has her old Straight hair.
    After it we come back to scene when MC again has Curly party hair.

    I saw something like this in one story so I was just wondering how it is done in a simple way. My only idea is a loong list with if / elif and all hair options but it is good with 3 outfits - not with 30 hairstyles. So it should be easier way to do this. Sorry if the topic like that was mentioned before, I searched and didn't find anything. Any ideas?

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    Unfortunately, you cannot use the if/elif/else statement for any customization template unless you put a yes/no choice inside each and every choice option with a gain inside. The best thing you can do, and what most people do, is use duplicate characters so that they can switch back and forth between hairstyles and/or facial features without making the reader have to choose their hairstyle again. To use duplicate characters, you have to create a new character and add them to the customization coding. HERE IS HOW TO DO THAT.


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      Oh, it makes sense I will check it, thank you!