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please help

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  • please help

    i am quite new to this i have read through the director help guides but struggling to understand

    1. i struggle on the right order of wording on how to make my character enter a room or if i want that character into the room when the sence starts

    2. i want 2 characters to bump into each other and fall what behavior is best for this

    also is there any think on these forms which i can look at if i need help in the future as i dont want to keep creating a new topic every time i get stuck

    i will appreciate any help that i will get thanks

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    To have a character enter a room:

    &CHARACTER enters from X to screen Y

    To have a character start in a room:

    &CHARACTER stands screen Y
    &CHARACTER spot x y

    You could use: run_fall so they run and then fall into each other or faint. You should read the guides on the Episode Writers Portal - they’ll explain a lot!


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      thank you for your help

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      Anytime <3

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    @CHARACTER enters from right to screen center
    @CHARACTER stands screen center
    @CHARACTER walks to screen right
    These are just examples.

    @CHARACTER enters from right to screen center AND CHARACTER2 enters from left to screen center THEN CHARACTER is faint AND CHARACTER2 is faint

    3. Some threads with basic commands:


    • jlou1296
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      thanks for your help and linking some pages