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How to delete a story?

This is a sticky topic.
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    I usually just delete the lines. I have a story with 24 Chapters of absolute crap. Another with 9 full of "guys sorry this was only 1 line!" created by a brat in my neighborhood who took my computer. And one with 3 episodes of:
    Sadie is run outside.
    I tried to put them on hide so they dont show up on my profile.
    Then I continued to get: Your story have just gotten its 200th read. And in the fanmail I get continuous hate because I wasnt the best writer back then. I used to be lazy because... 24 chapters, come on! Now I change the art to a picture of the word deleted. I name it deleted and then delete the lines. Hope I helped.


    • Mia_Tumblr
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      What's your story called? Lol

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    I was going to ask this. I wonder why this has never been changed?


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      So I get that you can't delete published stories, but can you at least take them down so they won't be published anymore?


      • seagguks
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        what do you mean? do you mean a part of an episode or?

      • sS_ElSiE_Ss
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        No, I mean the whole story.

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      Just change the name of your story into DELETED DON'T PLAY


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        Originally posted by RobertRolley View Post
        You can't delete your story..
        It depends on where the story is ,all i know how to delete everything from iPhone or how to erase data from Android phone , it should be easier to wipe your phone data ,
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        • MADEpisodeCretor
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          How do you delete a story from android phone ? I have a bunch of stories I made on accident .