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How To Take A Screenshot

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  • How To Take A Screenshot

    If you have a question about your script or an error you are getting, please TAKE A SCREENSHOT. We cannot guess your error from descriptions.
    Here is a site outlining how to take screenshots:

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    thank you cass.. ^.^ u did a great help


    • LiveNaika
      LiveNaika commented
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      Title: Growing up
      Author: NaikaDesgrottes
      Genre: Teen drama
      Plot: An outcast name Nick who joins the soccer team to try something new and get closer to his crush. This story is all about growing up accepting change and this is the first season. I'm making it like a TV show. If you give it a chance you will really like it.

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    Thanks Cass! I was just wondering, I want to take a screenshot on my iPhone 5 for a picture of my Episode story. Do you know how I can possibly do that? Thanks!


    • stunning
      stunning commented
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      In case you don't see AbbyGG's comment: like she said, quickly press the home button and the power button at the same time. You'll see the screen flash white for a split second, like a camera flash, and it should be saved to your camera roll!

    • Maya A
      Maya A commented
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      Its better to press the '...' and then press share. After you do that, press save image. You get the picture without all the buttons like spot directions and stuff. lol im late

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    Hey Caroline, Just thought I'd help!

    When you're on the screen, press the "off/on" button, and the "home" button together real quickly, and there you go!


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      Wow, we can do this on android too? I gotta try this. Thanks for the link, Cass.


      • Ellie4me
        Ellie4me commented
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        Just slide the side of your hand across the screen to make a screenshot. Well, I don't know if that goes for all androids. I have a Galaxy and that's how I take a screen shot.

      • adimahi
        adimahi commented
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        Yes. I have android. And this is how I do it:

        Press the lock button and the home button at the same time...

      • JudeLB
        JudeLB commented
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        None of these worked on mine. I had to install an app called Screenshot Easy.

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      INT. MALL - DAY

      @MOM enters from left to screen left AND sasha enters from left to screen center
      @SASHA faces left

      MOM (talk)
      We'll go to Moonsoon they have lots of cute clothes there

      @SASHA is nod
      @MOM exits right AND sasha exits right
      @MOM enters form left to screen left AND sasha enters from left to screen center
      @SASHA faces left

      MOM (talk_arms_raised)
      So what do you want to try on first?

      SASHA (think)
      I think I'll try on the...

      "Cute top {

      every time I try to save it, it says unexpected end of input
      and when I click on the error section it goes to the background so it doesn't let me add the background
      what do I do?


      • WL.
        WL. commented
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        Please do not post here, this is the wrong place. Read the FAQ first. I'm certain that it will help you.

        Make sure you post on the correct thread next time.

        And just to be clear, this is the policy for starting new threads: Please read the FAQ and search for an answer before starting a new thread. Do not start a new thread unless you cannot find an answer.

      • WL.
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        Any unrelated posts asking for directing help on this thread will from now on be deleted immediately.

        This applies to ALL users, not just the person who posted this.

        Other users should also refrain from replying to unrelated posts here, as your replies will also be deleted.

        This is the only warning I am giving with regards to this.

        Thank you for helping to keep the forums organised.

      • Tanya Diamond
        Tanya Diamond commented
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        This is the wrong place to post it. You can post it in 'Directing Helps & Tips'.
        Last edited by Tanya Diamond; 05-26-2016, 09:15 PM.

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      I use a Mac Os X rather than windows. to screenshot on here, I use <command, shift and 3> all at the same time. To do this on any apple iPad or iPhone, click the Home button (the button above where your charger is put and the off button right at the same time - this will then appear in your Camera roll.


      • rain_is_wet
        rain_is_wet commented
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        I'm on a mac. I've taken the screenshot but it isn't coming up in my photos... can you help??

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      I use ubuntu.. how do I screenshot?


      • WL.
        WL. commented
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        Here you go.

        Huh, rare to find someone who uses a Linux OS...

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      Originally posted by xenia kappa View Post
      I use ubuntu.. how do I screenshot?
      I know, though it's pretty easy.. Anyway thanks for your response!


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        Hey, Cass! Sure, I will take a screen shot!

        Tanya Diamond


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          It depends on which device you are taking a screen shot in:
          Windows Device (ex. Laptop, Tablet): Go to snipping tool, and screen shot what you want
          Android Device (ex. Tablet, Phone): Hold the volume and power button at the same time. (This is for Ice Cream or Sandwich OS)
          Apple Device: (ex. Laptop,) 1) For whole screen: Press Command + Shift + 3 2) For part of a screen: Press Command + Shift + 4 and you'll see a + (Or called crosshair) sign. Drag it to the area you want and release your mouse/touch/trackpad screen.
          Apple Device: (ex. Phone, Tablet) Press the circle or menu button with the power button at the same time.

          But for any of these... if you are not convenient with these keypad/touch commands, or to find another device that I didn't mention (Because these are the only commands I know and need) go to

          Hope this helps!


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            Thanks a lot Cass!!


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              That's one thing taking a screenshot but sharing it is another. Once you take a screenshot paste it into Ovoli's web and share the link.


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                Could you read my story and tell me what you think?

                Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


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                  If you are on your computer you can press Fn+Prnt Scrn, next go to word document, paste it, then save the image to your computer.


                  • a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s
                    a.n.o.n.y.m.o.u.s commented
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                    I found the only thing that works for me (on Windows) is the Windows button + Prt Sc