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Do not use infinite loops

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  • Do not use infinite loops

    Hey Guys,

    As some of you may know, we've been tracking down a bug where users couldn't progress in user-written stories. It appears that it happens when a writer puts an infinite loop into an episode of their story (putting "goto start" and having the "label start" at the beginning, for example - essentially a loop people can't get out of).

    We have reset the progress of users trapped in episode loops for the stories we know about. We are building an error that will not let you do this in the future, but that will take some time. In the meantime, please avoid putting infinite loops into your episodes. (To clarify, this is NOT just sending someone to a label, it's making them loop over and over in a point with NO way to escape it (so NOT a dressing game, where the choice "YES" takes you out of it.))

    Thanks guys!

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    Then how can I make the write not see my story when I'm working on it?


    • Sweet_fox
      Sweet_fox commented
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      Yea, because I have cliffhangers in my story and I make mistakes and need to fix them. I don't want anybody to get ahead.

    • MaryGalvan
      MaryGalvan commented
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      Same here! The struggle of being a writer for Episode!

    • myarmyofmonkeys
      myarmyofmonkeys commented
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      What I do if I mess something up and publish before I am ready or fix and error, is make those episodes blank (copy them into a word file, then publish with the blank episode and just write NO EPISODE (number whatever) . Its not ideal, but since we can't select which episodes we want to publish, this is the only way around it. Then, once its published, you can copy paste and save everything into that blank episode again, and as long as you dont publish it again until you are ready, nobody sees it

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    Im confused how infinite loops are keeping them from seeing something? You should not update an episode to your live readers until you are sure it is 100% ready (or be okay that, if you make changes to it, some readers will not see it). You should never release half an episode and then release the second half of that episode.


    • Cass
      Cass commented
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      My understanding is this bug only happens in published stories, which do NOT update every time you save. They only update when you hit "publish."

      It is not our understanding that this is happening in shared stories that are NOT published yet - that players can just reset their progress in that episode when you update and be a-okay. Please correct me if I am wrong - trying to communicate the complexities of this to our team.

    • JudeLB
      JudeLB commented
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      Oh well, yeah, I guess you're right about that. It's the ones that were previously shared and got a readership and then were published and those readers can't progress.

    • AdorkableFairy
      AdorkableFairy commented
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      People can only see published episodes so if you're currently working on one, people can't see it until you hit publish. I can see how infinite loops can cause problems so I second what Cass said.

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    infinite loops don't keep you from seeing something , Not updating the story does , But Cass when you said if you make changes to it after the update some readers will not see it , What if you have some prob remembering choices in the next episode and you needed to make change ,Or you thought everything was 100% perfect but you remembered that u forgot to add or delete something i had this prob


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      Also, if you get rid of the infinite loops, wouldn't you have to remove them for the tutorials?


      • Cass
        Cass commented
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        The tutorials will never get new content, so we aren't worried about users getting new content in them.

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      As an aside, this really sounds like a bigger issue to the confusion/poor design of sharing vs. publishing. I am continuing to work with the team on a better way to do this. Current idea I've proposed is that you can write and save and all that as usual. Then you can choose to "Publish" and select to "Keep Private" which will just give you a link to share, and only those with the link can see the story. That story will update only when you want it to, not every time you save.
      Then when you are ready, you can set the toggle to "Public" and the story will be set live on the app.


      • Girl on hiatus
        Girl on hiatus commented
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        Is this implemented yet? Or is it still "in talks"?
        Because this is one of the big problems I'm having right now. That, and not being able to delete episodes.
        Last edited by Girl on hiatus; 12-29-2014, 03:51 AM.

      • Low
        Low commented
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        I really hope this happens

      • Lacey Woods
        Lacey Woods commented
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        I think a very good idea is that you could view your own work via PC. I know it would look different.
        However when I read on Episode it keeps growing in size as in megabytes.
        There is already like 600 megabytes for one app, yours.
        This is, because when I write, or read a story it keeps adding info, and soon it will be too big for my phone, lol!
        Of course I don't have to worry right now, but I am saying how convenient it would be to view directly on a site.
        I think this might solve others issues about not realizing there mistakes until later, as in a "preview" button!
        I know that you guys are working hard, but this would be so great, I swear when I write i go back, and forth like a crazy person with my phone.
        Your suggestion is good, and they should use it by the way!
        I just think the preview button would be SOOOOOOOO convenient, and maybe newer writers would not "mess up" so much!
        Maybe even a mandatory preview before publishing, because then people would actually HAVE to see it, and realize mistakes, thus making it more quality for everyone.

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      I'm reading two user made stories and I'm stuck at the looping part where it says "the author may or may not continue this story, etc" I was stuck in this loop, but now whenever I go back into the story all I see is black as if the story hasn't been continued, but it says I have an unread episode. I can't get to the screen to reset my story progress or restart the episode... What do I do?


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        Hey Gabnmo,

        Can you send me the name of the story and your Support ID (as should anyone who is in this situation - where they are just seeing a blank screen). We're getting this as a common complaint and cannot figure out what is causing it, so we need to find games to reproduce it with.


        • gabnmo
          gabnmo commented
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          I actually got on Episode yesterday and this problem was fixed! Thanks for the concern, though.

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        I have the same problem as gabnmo. I have about 4 or 5 stories that leave of as saying that the author may or may not continue the story. But there was also this story that froze and I had to exit, then re-enter the story to get it to continue. Also the stories are giving me one episode left, but I have no access to it.


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          I have the same problem - I know this sounds impractical, but I have two stories, one for testing and one for publishing. No one has the testing link so I test it using that and when I'm ready I'll paste the script.


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            Hey... So whenever a story in the trending user story section is finished, it has an infinite loop at the end that says, "You have reached the end of this story! The author may or may not continue this story..." blah blah blah. But, I want to leave feedback, but there is no way to get to that page, at least, that I can figure out.


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              Also, the problem everyone is having, when you press "update" on your phone, it just updates what you have writtenon your computer for YOU ONLY to view on your phone, I think? Not exactly sure, but I think this is the confusion. Also, you can do that without other users seeing it. For other users to see it, I beleive you have to click on "update" on your computer. I might be wrong though.


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                My storys name is "Meet you At Home", I had this loop in my story and since have taken it out, added 2 more episodes and updated 3 times, and I still get the odd complaint that someone is stuck in chapter 6.


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                  For those worried about someone seeing something, it's a pretty simple fix. Keep a second story open, one strictly for writing and edits. One that only you can test. Then, if/when it works simply copy the script and paste it to the "live" version. That way no one can see anything you are not ready for them to see. It's what I am doing with mine.

                  Bottom line, don't argue with the people who make this app available for use. If they say don't do something then don't do it. Find a way to do what you want to do without violating their rules and requests.


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                    Cass Hi! I've been having a little trouble with my story. When I published my story it had an infinite loop in it, but then I immediately fixed and updated. The only issue is is that some people can go through the entire story while others are still in the loop. Help would be much appreciated.


                    • Angel101
                      Angel101 commented
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                      I'm just going to tag a couple others-
                      Jeremy Liz

                    • Angel101
                      Angel101 commented
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                      I fixed it! Now I'm really embarrassed, because it was a mistake on my part. Sorry about that!