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How do I make a character drink out of a coffee cup?

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  • How do I make a character drink out of a coffee cup?

    If you use drink_sip they drink out of a champagne glass.
    I've tried putting a coffee cup in their outfit but them it just goes on top of the champagne glass.
    What do I do?

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    I don't think its possible to drink out of a coffee cup, yet it should be.


    • Skylar1218
      Skylar1218 commented
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      what is the point of the props if you don't see them in the story.

    • vanillajellybean
      vanillajellybean commented
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      I know right?

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    vanillajellybean is right unfortunately...... You can only give coffee, and hold coffee, but you can't drink it..... I know, it's weird


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      The best I think you can do now is to make use of the red cup by using the action drinking1. At the very least, it's not a champagne glass.


      • annafh
        annafh commented
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        Is this a hidden animation? It doesn't show up on the sidebar, and it doesn't turn green when I type it.

      • WL.
        WL. commented
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        annafh: Yeah, I believe it is hidden.

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      Help! I try to do this with my main character, and it come's back with behaviour doesn't exist for this character. I really need a way around this if there is, it doesn't work for any of the drinking animations.


      • Mia_Tumblr
        Mia_Tumblr commented
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        Hmmm what art style are you using??

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      Is it possible to spill a drink? I have a scene in my story where I want the character to spill a drink on this girl.


      • Mia_Tumblr
        Mia_Tumblr commented
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        Use 'talk_point_excited' while the character holds the coffee you could do any animation that looks like spilling though, just play around with it.. eg.

        CHARACTER (talk_point_excited)

        @CHARCTER2 starts idle_angry

        @CHARACTER2 starts dustoff_loop

        Idk hope this helps!

      • kelabell2001
        kelabell2001 commented
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        If you wanted to, you could turn the tripping act into a spill. (i.e. Character trips and falls with cup in their hand. As a result the drink gets spilled) Tripping and spilling may not be what you were going for, but to me it looks the most realistic out of the animations available (for INK)

      • TheKaoticMelon
        TheKaoticMelon commented
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        Thanks! :3

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      For me it works! Are you using Ink or Limeight? I don't believe it works with classic, but there is an animation called 'drink'. All you do is

      @add Coffee Cup to CHARACTER

      @CHARATER starts drink

      @remove Coffee Cup from CHARCATER

      Thats all! Hope this works! 😊