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How do you make characters walk & talk at the same time?

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  • How do you make characters walk & talk at the same time?

    Hi, I'm looking for the commands to make them walk & talk at the same time? I saw it in a story once and was wondering.
    Also, I think I saw a tutorial for it but I can't find it. Thanks

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    There's the command talkneutral_walk or you can use the command @CHARACTER walks to position AND CHARACTER is talk


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      @follow CHARACTER to screen position in zone # AND CHARACTER is talkneutral_walk

      I'm talking AND walking. MAGIC!

      (Might work)

      Works better with looping backgrounds though, since normal ones only have 3-4 zones. But you can't have 2 or more characters walking and talking at the same time, though. It can only work on looping backgrounds.


      • Trying_To_Help
        Trying_To_Help commented
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        &follow CHARACTER to screen position in zone 1 AND CHARACTER is talkneutral_walk

        I'm talking AND walking. MAGIC!

        If you use @ it won't work like you think. :/

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      thanks, ill try that


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        So if you use a looping background, what zone do you have to use to make them walk continuously? I mean : "@follow CHARACTER to screen position in zone #" (what is that "#"?)
        Please help :3
        I'm like really new lol


        • Joycepisode
          Joycepisode commented
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          @follow CHARACTER that you will follow the character to a different zone and zone # is the zone number 1,2,3, etc.

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        @CHARACTER1 enters from left to screen right and CHARACTER1 does it while walk
        @CHARACTER2 enters from left to screen left and CHARACTER2 does it while walk
        @CHARACTER1 is talkneutral_walk and CHARACTER2 is talkneutral_walk

        This will do the thing
        P.S. Make sure you are using a LOOP backround.


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          How do we know we are using a Loop Background?

          I was trying to do something like..


          I waited a bit thinking that maybe he will wait for me.. maybe talk to me and get my number.
          He didn't. At least, there was no sight of him anywhere.

          @KRISTINE enters from left to screen left

          KRISTINE (talkneutral_walk)
          (Hmm.. Maybe that was all just my imagination then..)

          For some reason - my character was walking and talking the background isn't moving, lol...


          • CynthiaStacy
            CynthiaStacy commented
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            It will say "loop". Like INT. FASHION HALL - LOOP.

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          Thank You Cynthia!

          I actually thought the "LO" - was meaning for LOOP - didn't realized it has to be LOOP - itself... got it, thank you!


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            Use the code (walk_talk_happy) or (walk_talk_phone) <---if you're character is using a phone while walking.


            • #10
              You need to use the animation talk_walk_neutral.


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                Oh I was looking for this thread, I was posted my "walk and talk" post this morning. I'm trying to have the NARRATOR talk while my character is walking. Is that possible? Thanks.


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                  Is there a different code for this - with the INK version?


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                    I'm really confused on how to do the walk and talk command. I think I have the INK version. When I make my character walk and set the behavior to a talking one at the same time, she just glides while moving her mouth and then the speaking bubble still doesn't show until she's done gliding. It's so confusing. Help!


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                      Kimmy_Marie126 msaishakristine alix_ranaye I'm pretty sure you can do this:
                      &CHARACTER walks to x y z
                      CHARACTER (walk_talk_happy)
                      Bla bla bla.


                      &CHARACTER walks to spot x y z AND CHARACTER is walk_sad
                      Bla bla bla.

                      I hope this helped!


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                        How do I get a character to talk and exit off the screen at the same time, But when the character exits the screen the speech bubble is still on the screen to read? Please help, people have recently been putting this in their stories!


                        • Dara Amarie
                          Dara Amarie commented
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                          Have them exit and do the action "walk_talk_happy" at the same time, then use the ampersand sign, &, instead of the at-sign, @.

                          &CHARACTER exits left and CHARACTER is walk_talk_happy

                          Blah blah blah.