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Do gems actually give you an edge? [spoiler re: Class President]

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  • Do gems actually give you an edge? [spoiler re: Class President]

    I've just started out with this and Mean Girls is my first story. I'm curious: does using the gems actually give you an edge and/or change the story significantly or does it basically follow the same script regardless?
    For example, is there any series of choices that would make me win Student Body President or would I lose anyway?

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    Gems don't change the story line in any way (gem choices are just extra scenes that you'll get to play through). But there are choices that can make you win Student Body President. I won once (without ever purchasing gems choices) but win or lose, the story line is still the same, so there was basically no difference in winning president or not.


    • Mary_Jane_Doe
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      Whaaaaaat. How did you win? :O

    • LadyCatnight
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      You win student body president and still don't get into Yale? That sucks.

    • Emily Dickinson
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      Wait, it's possible to lose Student Body President?!?!

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    The gems might get you an extra scene or a compliment and you get to dress like you have some sense but the overall story line will be the same. In most stories now gem choices will just get you a nicer outfit and nothing else. The only story where gem choices were useful was the Demi lovato one and those gem choices didn't make much of a difference but you at least got closer to your goal and you got to return to old outfits


    • Heidi Yossry
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      I think PLL also like Demi Lovato. Gems doesn't affect the whole story but it gives you more info.

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    I used like, no gems in it and some of my friends did. My end turned out to be just like theirs. So no, It really doesn't. Episode wants you to think that so that way you'll buy gems and more gems and MORE gems til episode gets 200 IRL dollars from you wanting to buy a new dress XD
    Yeah, anyways, thats my experience.


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      Gems are just so you can buy fancy outfits and you can chose different paths than someone who doesn't have enough gems. The endings will be the same but they can help you get better outfits. They do not change the way the story will play out unless you chose an action in the story that costs gems


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        I don't think gems would change the story,


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          Gems don't actually change how the story is going to end. Just like how the choices only change slight changes the outcome is mostly the same, the gems are no different. They are a great way to make the episode go in for a longer amount of time if you are not satisfied with the length of the episode and depending on what the gems do they can make your character look better and achieve more fame depending on your game of course! I hope this helped😊