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which mean girls story was your favorite?

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  • which mean girls story was your favorite?

    my data had cleared up from my episode app, so all my progress cleared up, meaning i can earn gems this time! so i re-read mean girls all of the stories. im just creating this poll for fun.

    mean girls: sorority rush was my favorite !! whats yours? *also, realized that all the mean girl stories start with s* i always seem to like the second story of the series, like how i like demi lovato: world tour the best <3

    Mean Girls: Senior Year
    Mean Girls: Sorority Rush
    Mean Girls: Spring Break

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    I have to agree with you, Mean Girls: Sorority Rush was definitely the best! Senior Year was full of unnecessary drama and the fact that MC worked so hard, just to not go to Yale? Wow, so useless. Mean Girls: Spring Break was kind of a bit blank ?? The drama was very boring.


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      yes Mean Girls: Sorority Rush is very nice such a enthusiastic girl and full of drama, Mean Girls: Spring Break is just a corrector but i guess which not so boring

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    Sorority > Spring >>>>>>>> Senior

    Senior was lackluster, Sorority is what it should of been like from start, Spring is alright.

    that being said, none of them are top 5 of all time on Episode