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Blonde girl who's everyone's enemy

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  • Blonde girl who's everyone's enemy

    Okay, okay i forgot her name but i hate that character and i think the main boy character who is fall for us, is REAAALLY ugly.

  • #2
    Do you mean Regina and Micah?


    • ZRAE
      ZRAE commented
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      Absolutely Regina, right. Thx lol

  • #3
    And yes Micah is seriously ugly character type


    • #4
      Micah needs a frigging haircut. 😂

      He also needs to dress less less like a homeless person.


      • GoodMorningToki
        GoodMorningToki commented
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        LOL Yess They could have made his outfits much more cuter.

    • #5
      Micah needs to get a haircut and get rid of the beanie. Also his clothes are like a hobo dressed him. 😂😂😅


      • AJ PELZER
        AJ PELZER commented
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        He might be Jewish. Maybe it’s a Yamukle not a beanie.

    • #6
      I seriously agree about Micah, like when Episode first introduced him I wasn't exactly crazy about him - especially with the clothes.. I mean he's perfect boyfriend material but he has to loose that clothes, the haircut, and the beanie xD


      • #7
        I agree completely, they should've atleast made Micah goodlooking.


        • #8
          About Micah, just keep in mind that every person is different. Not every love interest has to be the cutest boy in school. If you would have rather had Micah look like one of the stereotypical cute guys or bad boys, then okay, but Episode designed Micah the way they did for a reason.


          • Praecantatia
            Praecantatia commented
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            Agreed (10 char rule)

          • piyi
            piyi commented
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            I totally agree!

        • #9
          I like beanies to be honest, and I have one myself, but you're right, Micah doesn't look all that great, lol.


          • #10
            wowow i forgot how messed up some people are! i know this is a game and all, but seriously??????

            i know stereotypes made the message, "your love interest should always be hot" but let's look THROUGH the shallowness, and see that the person you fall in love with.. *shocker warning*.. doesnt have to be the hottest cutest guy ever.

            PROPS to episode making micah not the cutest guy ever. really spreads the message.

            and to you guys,, you're like 12-14?? you prob arent dating anyone so let me tell you now that once you fall in love with a guy (or girl!!), it doesnt matter if their eyes are glowing or if theirhair is whipping to the right side.


            • #11
              Okay. Mean Girls was the first story that Episode made me play when I installed it. Maybe this influenced my perception (I had nothing to compare it with), but I didn't find Micah at all ugly. To be honest, I didn't care what he looked like. The guy has a personality, he's passionate about his hobby and independent, he's flawed but caring.
              His looks contribute to his charm. It's even more interesting to feel that your character is attracted to a guy no matter what he looks like. What if he feels happy looking like that?

              This is fantastic that we can't customize him. Every person is given to us "as is". We may try to get to know them better or miss out because they don't look like *we* want them to.


              • #12
                Micah isn' ugly but everyone has different preferences