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Actually, going to Yale really wouldn't help out MC too much....Spoilers..

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  • Actually, going to Yale really wouldn't help out MC too much....Spoilers..

    MC kept harping on and on about needing to go to Yale because her anonymous paternal donor went to Yale. But how would that help her with her identity? She wouldn't be with him and just going to the same University he went to wouldn't help her know who he is or was. I feel that they should have said he was an active Professor and she definitely would have ended up being his student if she was accepted in Yale. Her being his destined student would have been a perfect incentive for her being hell-bent on her being accepted into Yale. Not going just because he also happened to have went in the past.

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    I agree! MC never seemed interested in her father, except for this Yale part. I mean, if she wants to find second part of her identity, why not to try find her father first? How just going to the same university can help? (why not go into the same sport instead or something)
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      i don't think this was because of her father but her mom. her mom did pick a man who went to Yale . and mc thought that was what she did wish for her. mc even says it in one of the episodes. that she thought this was what her mom wanted her to do

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      If I remember correctly, when talking to principal about Yale (in one of the first episodes), MC says that she wants to go to Yale to understand herself better.

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    She didn't want to go for herself. She wanted to go because she wanted to please her mom.