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continuing mean girls?

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  • continuing mean girls?

    will there be another mean girls or is spring break the last one? Do u guys want another one? Comment

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    Mean Girls: Spring Break is the last Mean Girls story.


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      Honestly I wouldn't want another one. The gem choices kind of ruined it for me. I can see why so many other people enjoy it though.


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        I mean, in the last one Regina and Janis were my ship. It left my ship unfulfilled, but I'll live.


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          Originally posted by ollieman07 View Post
          will there be another mean girls or is spring break the last one? Do u guys want another one? Comment
          I feel there isn't anything more to do with Mean Girls Episode Game. They had Senior Year, they had Sorority Rush, they had Spring Break. I guess they could have Mean Girls : Final College Year where the crew does Final exams and graduates, or Mean Girls: Working Girls where Regina and MC have to go to work together after graduation and are constantly trying to get promotions over each other, LMAO, that could be FUN. Hey, Mr. Dawson, I finished my 10 page report for you in just ONE DAY! Says Karice. "Mr, Dawson, I signed up 20 new clients for you in just 2 days!" Says Regina. The cat claws between Regina and Karice would be out full force for the promotions! I would love it!


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            Majority of Mean Girls was pretty lackluster imo. Senior Year took awhile to get "interesting" (17 episodes) Sorority Rush, was the best one, and Spring Break was decent to me.


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              I've got some potential sequel story ideas. I think these are really realistic!

              Mean Girls: Regina and MC and Somehow Every Other Character All End Up At The Same Grad School

              Mean Girls: Regina Accidentally Commits Tax Fraud and Uses MC As Her One Phone Call To Bail Her Out Of Jail

              Mean Girls: Everyone Except Regina Faces Student Loan Debt

              Mean Girls: Everyone Has Kids, and Of Course Regina Outcompetes MC By Having Twins While MC Is Only Having One Pathetic Child

              okay but in all seriousness, I don't think Mean Girls is ever going to be picked up again or get another sequel story, and I'm not sure I want it to either. It ended in a good place and I think they've exhausted the storyline pretty much.