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Who else thought she was doing something innocent? Spoilers.

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  • Who else thought she was doing something innocent? Spoilers.

    When MC goes up to the third floor looking to buy the paper I actually thought she was in the library asking a Librarian for directions to the book she needed to study with to do her term paper. I was baffled when the "Librarian" said he emailed her it. I was like,"What just happened? " When Tamara said MC was caught buying a paper I was like,"What?" I didn't even realize MC had bought a paper. They roped us into doing something we had no control over once again like the Mean Girls Senior Year where MC texts Micah's Dad behind his back without our acknowledgement or permission. I remember people on here said stuff like,"I was screaming at MC not to do it before she even did it!" "When MC texted Micah's Dad I was so angry I threw my phone into a wall." "I wish this was at least a gem choice. " Text Micah's Dad,0 gems. Ignore the text from Micah's Dad, 22 gems. " They also had us catfish Parker, a Yale staff member or something like that. People were like,"I didn't want to catfish the Yale lady. I don't catfish people and would hate to be catfished."

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    I was confused as well, I didn' know why MC got in trouble for a piece of loose leaf paper