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Prop not showing up!

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  • Prop not showing up!

    Hey! I have a major problem. At the beginning of a scene, I add the Coffee Cup prop to the characters with @add Coffee Cup to CHAR. It doesn't show up, neither in the app or in the preview of the portal. Then at the end of the scene I remove the Coffee Cup from the characters with @remove Coffee Cup from CHAR. Then in the next scene the Coffee Cup is in the caracters hand. Do anybody have the same issue with it? I have the same issue with the Red Cup.

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    If the issue persists and is not simply a matter of coding, you may want to submit a ticket and see if our support team can offer some help or a solution.


    • VickyS
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      Yes, I already done that, and still waiting for the answer about the issue, thanks.

    • AshlynnA
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      VickyS Hopefully they can help you out!