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  • Background Does Not Exist

    I have a background that was Approved and have been using it. Now all of a sudden it keeps saying it does not exist but it is right there in the art catalog. It is not greyed out. I have removed it and replaced it, restarted the browser, signed out and back in, restarted my computer, everything you can possibly think of and still back to square one. Error: Background does not exist Did you move or delete it. No I did not because it is sitting right there in the Art Catalog. Thanks for any help in advance.

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    You have either misspelled the background name or there is an error before or after the background in your script.


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      I will check the before and after for errors but definitely not misspelled because I click on it from the Art Catalog. I will update after I proofread. Thank you.


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        Okay I found the issue. So apparently it does not like the directing command @character enters from left to screen right right after the background. I removed it and put a different command and it worked like a charm. Thank you so much


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          Did not mean to put right twice lol