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Episode writer's preview isn't working.

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  • Episode writer's preview isn't working.

    For the last week, whenever I try to use the writer's portal preview, it says "Downloading data... (long number)" but, it NEVER downloads. I've tried on other Episodes in the same story and other stories of mine... There is nothing. I would just use the Episode app, but, I am having problems opening the app.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you so so much!
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    As I mentioned on another topic/thread of yours, submit a ticket and our support team will do their very best to help you get to the bottom of this!


    • Alex's Stories
      Alex's Stories commented
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      Yeah, I did... But, I will try again.

    • AshlynnA
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      I hope they can help you resolve the issues you're having! <3

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    Uh... Same with me
    It's been happening for more than a week I feel like though
    The tickets aren't working so what should WE do?


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      This happens to me too.