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My reads count went from 16700+ to 0 How did this happen and why?

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  • My reads count went from 16700+ to 0 How did this happen and why?

    So when I checked out my story in the writer portal the reads had completely reset. If it's a glitch that makes sense but I don't think any authors have that kind of control and I don't think people would want to reset that. Anyway I was curious if this has happened to anyone else? Not much I can do on my end and I hope it's just a temporary problem. Thank you!

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    I for sure know that you aren't the only one who had this. A bit ago I saw someone who had the same Problem. Maybe you should file Support ticket (:
    What is the Story called? I could see if it is only invisible for you or also me if you want
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      Hi Annie BeauTy ! I have gone ahead and checked with our team and see that we have not had any reports of this happening since you created this thread. Can you please verify for me if this has been resolved for you?


      • Annie BeauTy
        Annie BeauTy commented
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        Yes it was resolved! It was resolved. I'm guessing it was just a glitch. It fixed itself within 24 hours.

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      Awesome Annie BeauTy ! Happy to hear it's fixed. Going to close this thread for archiving purposes. Thanks!