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Episode Portal Characters Not Showing Up AT ALL

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  • Episode Portal Characters Not Showing Up AT ALL

    Hey so I thought this was just because I was on phone using portal a few days ago..i filed a ticket and they said its common bc its on phone and what not BUT im on a computer and it still is the same outcome? If I go to characters section it doesn't show up even if I want to change the appearance, if I go to characters outfits the character previews don't even show up either. is this just me? or is portal on its period (I would screenshot but im kinda on a school computer so yeahhh)

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    EPISODEWRITERSTARTER thanks for posting this! Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done on the forums in regards to this that the Episode support team cannot already do for you via ticket. If you feel there are additional details that you would like to provide the team, feel free to either submit a new ticket or reply to the ticket that you already opened with the team. Thanks!


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      Something similar has been happening to me as well. When attempting to edit characters, or view outfits, a blank screen appears. Hoping it will soon be fixed.