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Characters not displaying correctly on device preview

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  • Characters not displaying correctly on device preview

    I have been working on a story and when I preview my progress in my laptop everything seems good, but when I try to preview the story in my phone, the characters are inside this box and you can’t see their animations from waist down. Also my male character’s skin tone isn’t right and I can only see one character at a time in every scene. I don’t know if this is part of the update but it sucks because it wasn’t like this before. I need answers 😭

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    you likely chose spotlight as the character type. i did that as well, and that's exactly how it looked.

    the only way to fix it is to make a new story and choose full body format instead of spotlight format


    • Jhonnie Mac
      Jhonnie Mac commented
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      or to change it back to cinematic.

    • Am0reo
      Am0reo commented
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      Thank you so much! I created the story months ago so I wasn’t aware of the option :’)