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Story says it's updated, black screen, then...

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  • Story says it's updated, black screen, then...

    Hey y'all this is a fairly new glitch and more annoyingly misleading than costly or inconvenient. Stories I worship (for eg new girl, transformation, if only he knew etc) keep saying they're updated with one or two chapters (it says episode 24 of 25), sometimes with or without the 'updated!' banner, then just black screen when I try to read it.
    One or two more restarts and attempts usually proves that it actually hasn't been updated at all (it will then say episode 24 of 24). Anyone else? Are admin aware/is it an ongoing problem I can just try ignore? It's only happened to me recently and no tickets get wasted, just my hopes get dashed haha. Thanks!

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    ShellDee Welcome to the Episode forums! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. In order for our tech team to know about current issues, they need to be notified about them. The best thing you can do to help with is by submitting a ticket to our support team. I hope that this has helped and feel free to review our forum tutorial for helpful information on how to use the forums. Thanks!


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      Thanks for responding! Sorry I must have misread the tutorial. I thought it said if you can't find help on the forum then submit a ticket. I will definitely check app again first then do the ticket. Thanks again!


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        This has been happening a lot to me too, lately, with my own story. It's really annoying. I've been getting angry messages from my readers saying they can't read episode 16 and that it shows up black, but I haven't even published episode 16 yet. Definitely will be submitting a ticket.