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it doesn’t open

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  • it doesn’t open

    I can’t open my app longer than 30 sec. Everytime I try to open it, it showes my home page for a little than it closes and showes my home screen. I didn’t save my information so I can’t play it somewhere else. I closed and opened my mobile but still it doesn’t work. I taught it will go away so i didn’t look for 5-6 hours. It stay opened a little longer so I tried to open a story. It showes add and there was only a few seconds to end then it closed by itself. It was perfectşy fine before todays update. Maybe it will be fixed with new update so how often do it updates?

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    Hello there,

    First of all, welcome to the Episode forums! If you're having issues with the app, it's best to submit a ticket to our support team with as many details as you can provide (much like you've done in your original post of this topic). They should be able to help you with an errors occuring with your app. Hopefully this helps!


    • cricletsanem
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      Thanks! I did a request hope it will be fixed asap. Do you know what is the average waiting time for fixing? And will they message me when it fixed? Sorry, I really didn’t have any problems before so I keep asking questions

    • Jeremy
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      @cricietsanem there is no ETA on fixes. But the sooner you submitted the ticket the sooner the support team get's to look at it. So look's like you are starting out with a strong start!

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    thanks a lot!