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App-wide glitch and crash

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  • App-wide glitch and crash

    I have had several reports of my story and others glitching and crashing. I went in and tested the story myself and there are several cases where characters continue to walk after they have been commanded not to and then the story gets to a certain point, goes black and crashes. It is not just my story as I have seen on Instagram several people complaining that stories are crashing. Anyone else noticing the glitch and crash currently happening???

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    Mines doing that today. As soon as I click on the story to read. It automatically crashes and closes out the App.


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      I think that you should submit a ticket.


      • MindyDaye
        MindyDaye commented
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        I submitted one. After I sent them the crash report hours ago, they have yet to get back to me 😕
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      I got a reply back from PocketGems. It is an Episode wide glitch that they are currently working on! Hopefully, it will be resolved soon.


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        I have the same issues. Crashing app, looping animations restarting in scenes, many scenes after their initial usage, characters walking without them to be commanded to. I submitted a ticket yesterday and I think they are looking into it already.


        • StillyMom
          StillyMom commented
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          I had one reader say that the glitch seems to be fixed. I haven't tried it myself yet but, she sent me screenshots of the rest of the episode. Hopefully, it's fixed. Sucks that it happened on the same day I published an episode.

        • Arrows.Episode
          Arrows.Episode commented
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          Yeah, for me too. I had just finished revamping all my episodes (18!) and at the last one it started to glitch Now I have to recheck all 18 episodes once again. I will check if it's working now.

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        I just had this problem trying to read the featured I Married a Prince so I don't think it's completely fixed. I submitted a ticket. I read other stories with no issues though.

        Edit: After the app crashing on me at least 10 times this morning (probably closer to 20 lol) it finally let me read the episode, so I think it could be fixed now?
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