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Any overlays and some animations won't work!!!

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  • Any overlays and some animations won't work!!!

    Overlays won't work it was fine before the update but now it doesn't work (I have tried many including mine or episode overlays.)
    Overlay scales won't show (in the app.)
    And when I shift overlay to a spot it doesn't appear where I want it to be. (in the app.)
    Some animations won't work (in app) but what I used was sit (in writer portal) but in app it shows idle, it works for few the 2 characters sitting but 3 of them are idle.)

    Here is what I used -

    @cut to zone 2
    @overlay CAMP FIRE shifts to -39 -0 in 0

    @ALFRED spot 0.774 156 264 AND ALEXA spot 0.887 47 -36 AND CODY spot 0.782 281 61 AND CODY faces left AND ALEXA faces right AND ALFRED faces right AND AUDIENCE 4 stands screen center AND AUDIENCE 5 stands upscreen right AND ALEXA is sit AND CODY is sit AND ALFRED is sit AND AUDIENCE 4 is sit AND AUDIENCE 5 is sit

    Let's play truth or dare.

    I don't know what is wrong.

    Screenshots -


    Overlay with animations in writer portal Rest of the animation. Animation in the app (shows idle for other charecters.)

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    Ritzz S.L Are your character names correct?

    This might be the problem.
    Is AUDIENCE 4 supposed to be AUDIENCE4?

    Looking back, if you are cutting to zone 2, the overlay should say "in zone 2" at the end.

    I don't think there is a reason for you to use the @overlay shifts to. You can simply use
    EXT. ISLAND BEACH HOUSE - NIGHT with CAMP FIRE to_____ in zone 2.
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      RachelQuartz Nope it's AUDIENCE 4, I have use it earlier and it works fine there but not here.


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        Ritzz S.L Anything above that works?


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          RachelQuartz this is what it says..
          And yes it works and as I said the overlay scales won't show in the app too.
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            Are you missing a coordinate by any chance?

            Coords are listed as x, y, and z. I see you only have 2. Is that the problem?


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              You should read THIS THREAD HERE to learn about using overlays.

              When using the "shifts" command for overlays, the x coordinate differs depending on what zone you are in. That thread I provided will go into detail about that.
              Also, when adding the overlay to the background name, the correct format is: BACKGROUND with OVERLAY to % x y in zone #
              % is the scale size and you left that out.
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                Dara Amarie I use 2 earlier too and it works fine there. so I used the same for this and when I click save it says Error.. like lemme show you
                Last edited by Ritzz S.L; 11-13-2017, 04:45 PM.


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                  Ritzz S.L
                  You would still be missing a number.

                  I'm pretty sure you're missing the scale of the overlay.


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                    RachelQuartz Sorry if I am causing you trouble
                    And I tried what you asked me to do this is what is shows.
                    How do I get to know the scales if they don't show ?
                    And I tried restarting the app and the animations WORK! <3
                    But overlay won't
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                      Then the scale would be 1.0, as you did not make it bigger than its original size.
                      Is that correct?


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                        Ritzz S.L Sorry for the late reply


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                          RachelQuartz Yes, I have tried to do it, the scales won't show.
                          And I am sorry for the late reply too.
                          Is there a way that I can contact you like Instagram or something? I have recorded a video of my problem but I can't send it here.


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                            Do you have Instagram or Hangouts? I believe you can send stuff over there.


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                              Ritzz S.L Contact me there!