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Episode Update, NOT Updating

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  • Episode Update, NOT Updating

    I am getting a notification when I open the Episode app, that tells me that I am using a newer version of episode, or one of its stories, and to update or close the app. I hit update and NOTHING happens. It sits on the loading screen for 40 minutes! I can't even back out of the app; I have to force close it. I've been trying to get screenshots for my story and can't continue if I can't log on. Please help!

    Android user Screenshot_20180113-223523.pngScreenshot_20180113-224551.png

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    go on the playstore and search up episode!!
    then press on the app
    press update and wait - voila!

    hopefully this fixes the problem. it's probably just a settings thing where you have approve the updates FROM the play store!! and don't worry about your phone/tablet being messed up or something, it just means you have extra "permissions" stuff (:

    if it doesn't work, i suggest uninstalling the app and installing it back again after. your data will be saved if you simply just enter your email!!


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      Unfortunately, I have tried this already. I have no update in the app store.

      So, basically, right now I can't use Episode until there is actually an update for Android users.



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        Hi FountainPenFairy ! I'm here to help and tell you how awesome your name is! Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about this via the forums. But the good news is that our support team is ready and waiting for you. Please submit a request and they will reach back to you asap. Hope this helps and I hope you enjoy your time on the forums!