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Error 30 - NEW Portal Preview feature

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  • Error 30 - NEW Portal Preview feature

    Hi all!

    I apologize in advance if there is already a thread about this portal error & I was unable to find it. If so, feel free to comment the link here.

    The new portal preview is not working for me. The preview box to view your story shows up on the right as it is supposed to, but it gives me the message "Downloading..." in the middle of the black box and gives me "Error: 30" above the black box.

    Please let me know if anyone knows what this error message means! It has said "Downloading..." for days now.

    Thank you <3

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    I can't say for sure, but it might mean that there is an error in your story that is not allowing the preview to be played.

    A few days ago, I got "Error: 8" And searched through the story to find that a character's name had been spelled wrong! Once I fixed his name, the preview played as it should.


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      Yes, I've heard of someone getting "Error 8", but haven't heard of "Error 30" yet...

      Right now, the Episode says No Errors in the script... but still has "Error 30" above the preview box. So it may be linked to something else? I will probably send Episode a message too.


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        Something I've noticed is that with the new portal preview it won't let me use the Handgun prop. Not sure if it's for all props or not, but I have this annoying error every time I use it.


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          Every time I got to preview my story it says:

          Downloading data... (478384757/478384757)

          And my story preview never loads, however it used to work perfectly . I have a mac so I'm sure my computer isn't too old. Is this a bug?


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            Ms.Mystery I just had the same problem with my mac and had to get help from the support team. What they told me was that the preview part of the episode portal is built to be used in Google Chrome and not on Safari, or any other browser, even though I previously used episode preview on Safari. Maybe there was an update that my browser didn't support and that is the reason I can't use the preview on Safari anymore but I'm not sure.

            Try downloading Chrome and it should work. If not, you should submit a ticket to the episode team so that they can help you out.
            Good luck!


            • Ms.Mystery
              Ms.Mystery commented
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              Finally! It worked thank you soooo much @Sllkhydra

            • SilkHydra
              SilkHydra commented
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              Your welcome, glad it worked!