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Why won't it upload my coverart?!

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  • Why won't it upload my coverart?!

    Ok, I'm getting kinda frustrated here. I've tried over and over again to upload a large cover. The small one (very similar to the large one) did get accepted by the upload manager of the Writer Portal, but the large one doesn't get accepted no matter what I try! First it actually was a bit bigger than 1MB, but all the ones after were only a few hundred KB everytime. I tried JPEG and PNG, opening my browser anew, but nothing seems to help...
    I don't get it. The pic's only 326kb, it's not as big as the uploadmanager suggests at all!

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    So after trying to lower the amount of colours in my coverart to 32, I finally succeeded in uploading it. Ironically, this version of the picture is bigger than some of the others I tried to upload before it, but it somehow got accepted. I do hate the fact that I had to adjust the coloring though, it looks a lot less vibrant now