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Serious Problemo with New School Uniform Outfits!

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  • Serious Problemo with New School Uniform Outfits!

    Yoohoo Episodians!

    So what I wanna convey to y'all is that the specific 'Collared Bow Tie Shirt Tucked Cotton' with any color bow tie is not coverin' the elbow or the mid-arm part of the character like the other 'Collared Bow Tie Shirt Tucked/Untucked Cotton' with any color do (Did anyone of ya notice that before?)

    Is anyone else havin' a problemo with that, 'cause I'm havin' it.

    If anyone who's really really good at solvin' Episode glitches and is lookin' at this topic posted by a tiny, lil', not-so-innocent human being, then can you oh-so-pretty-please help that human being with it?


    I (sincerely) thank all of you who wasted their precious, precious time on readin' this rant (Just kiddin', darlin').

    And when the glitchery, glitchy glitch has been resolved, don't hesitate to remind me!

    Au Revoir, Everybody!


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    I noticed this too! Trinady Is there something that can be done to resolve this?


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      Heya! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you share your story you tested this in? Thanks!