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Overlay won't appear! Help, please!

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  • Overlay won't appear! Help, please!

    I've been getting this problem a lot of times now, and even if I restarted the app, it still won't appear!
    I wanted to animate a custom overlay of mine that I have uploaded and made in Photoshop, written in .png format.

    When I tried out other overlays (the ones that are originally made from Episode i.g. CAR BUG REAR), they, too, won't appear when I test it out on the app!
    This was the code I was inputting when I was trying to test it out:


    @overlay DIAGONALBOX create
    @overlay DIAGONALBOX shifts to 140 240
    @overlay DIAGONALBOX scales to 0.7 0.7
    @overlay DIAGONALBOX opacity 1

    To be continued...

    Note that the overlay is custom-made and made by me. The overlay, though, won't seem to appear from that, so I decided to test it out again on a different code:

    INT. WHITE - DAY with DIAGONALBOX in zone 1 at layer 1

    To be continued...

    The same problem occurs. The Episode-made overlays are affected, too.

    Some screenshots:

    As you can see, no overlays appear. Just the narrator dialogue. If you think the screenshots are edited, they're not.

    That's all the evidence I could show. I could try and record it to further prove it, but downloading screen recording programs are a hassle for me. Plus, they take up too much space.
    If anyone knows the solution to this, please let me know!

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    Overlays don't work with "INT. WHITE - DAY" or "INT. BLACK - NIGHT" backgrounds. You will need to upload your own white background and add overlays to that.


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      Really? I didn't know that! Thanks for the help!