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Preview in portal not working.

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  • Preview in portal not working.

    Every time I got to preview my story it says:

    Downloading data... (4966410/4966410)

    And my story preview never loads, however it used to work perfectly about 3 weeks ago. I have a mac so I'm sure my computer isn't too old. Is this a bug?
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    I don't know... I used to have that issue as well, but now the text won't even appear. It's probably just a bug still on mac users. I say that because I use Windows computer and the issue is gone... But it brought another... I recommend using your phone as a preview in the meantime tho.


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      Now, it's getting trouble on Windows like mine.


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        Same here.Mac..


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          This has been doing the same to me for a month now. I have a HP with windows. It worked perfectly and now mine does exactly what yours is. I don't get it I sometimes get another error instead of the numbers but for the life of me I can't remember it. Have any of you figured out how to fix it? I don't mind using my phone but it's harder cuz I have to go through the whole story just to check one spot.