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Could not preview behaviors / animations before writing.

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  • Could not preview behaviors / animations before writing.

    Hi guys, need help here!
    I updated my episode app to the newest one, with the newest demi stories, and i realized i could not find an option to preview the animations/ behaviors before writing, because i want to know which behaviors are which and decide when to use them. Anyone having this issues? Or is it just me?

    When i 'm previewing my stories, there are 5 buttons ( >> 10 lines , << 10 lines , update script, spot helper and navigation)
    When i pressed navigation, it has (resume, reset story progress, restart episode, scenes, labels, choices, episodes, enable picker, and enable interpolation)
    Please help if you know anything or if i'm looking at the wrong place!

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    With the new update they removed the "animations" button, so now you can see them only in the writing portal

    If you open your script you should see this at your right

    If, you click a character, it'll show you the list of animations

    Click on the eye and you'll see a preview of the animation.

    Little note: if you click on the name of the animation it'll put its name on your script!
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      Thank you very much!


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        Help! Mine is a INK

        Every time I got to preview my story it says:

        Downloading data... (4966410/4966410)

        And my story preview never loads, however it used to work perfectly about 3 weeks ago. I have a mac so I'm sure my computer isn't too old. Is this a bug?