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Revamping the Share Your Work Forum!

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  • Revamping the Share Your Work Forum!

    Hello authors,

    I hinted at changes coming to the Share Your Stories forum in this post and as you can see we have already started the work :)

    Over the last few months we have been hearing about some of the difficulties in writing stories on Episode and getting questions from the community about how to be a successful author on the platform. The new focus and specialized sub-forums here are part of the answers to these questions.

    Success on the Episode platform starts with a well written story. We want to help our authors by providing some insight and basic examples of how our professional story team works to bring stories to the app.

    To that end The Share Your Story forum is now the Share Your Work forum. We believe that writing is a collaborative process from start to finish so we are expanding this forum to be more reflective of that. No longer just a space for sharing your finished work, we now have dedicated sub-forums for pitches, outlines, scripts and finalized stories. This is the exact same process that our professional story writing team uses and we think that it is likely to help authors write better stories.

    We want to encourage authors to get and give feedback on their work. We’ll also be sharing examples of the Episode Story Team’s work including a pitch, outline a script from one our stories
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    Cool! Thanks episode team!!!


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      This is awesome!! Thanks episode!


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        Thank you so much Episode team! This is really great :D


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          Much excite for this great addition!

          - JB


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            Exciting! I could really use this. :)


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              This is really nice! Thank you Episode team!


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                Thank you 😘