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    Hey guys,
    Im a new writer and could use all the help and feedback,
    if you guys could please check out my story id really appreciate it
    Its called WILD CARD


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    Moved from Episode Fan Community to Share Your Work as this is the appropriate subforum to ask for feedback on your own story (because EFC is dedicated towards the discussion of other stories). :)


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      Thank you!

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    could someone please help me I don't know how to post a forum


    • Forbidden_Love
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      Scroll down, and click post. :)

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    This is my first story on episode.
    Please read and Share if you like it.
    Also I'd love some feedback from more experienced authors.
    Story is called Living With Secrets.


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      Helloo! Finally publised my very first story! Please read and share if you like it. I would love to know your feedback. Writing is definitely courage
      Here is the link to my

      Title: Beautifully Broken
      Author: Giselle
      Chapters: 5 and counting
      Genre: Romance
      Description: Trapped in nightmare, finally gathering her pieces, & move on. Broken look beautiful, and strong look invincible in her
      Link: [URL][/URL]


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        [SIZE=2]Hi guys I'm new on here I've just published my story called Deadly Crush [url][/url]
        Author: Saira
        Chapters: Almost 4 by today
        Genre: Romance[/SIZE]


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          Hi Sairas, I've watched Episode 1 and provided feedback. Check your messages. :)

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        Hi! I'm new at this, but I would love it if you read my first story! Thanks!

        Author : MissCaryssa
        Title : Begin Again
        Genre : Romance/Drama/Mystery
        Description : A story of two lost and broken souls that meet in Italy. Will they surrender to love or hold on to the past?
        Link: [URL][/URL]
        Attached Files
        Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!


        • Forbidden_Love
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          Caryssa, it looks great! I will view Chapter 1.


          Wow, Carissa! I am really impressed with this!

          1) First of all...I love Italy (I went when I was 17), so anything with an Italian theme is fine by me!

          2) Second, I love your beautiful!

          3) You clearly understand the technical coding aspect of things. Great transitions between scenes.

          Do you want suggestions for improvements? There are a few small ones you can make, but I want your permission before posting them! Thanks!
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        • MissCaryssa
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          You have my permission!:) I appreciate the positive feedback so and I hope you will continue to read my story!

        • iamchoco16
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          Gonna do it!!
          heres mine:
          its called "Unfamous"

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        Hi there. This is my first story on Episode.

        [B]Title: Puppet on the Bad Boy's Strings

        Link : [/B][URL][/URL]

        [B]Description: [/B][B]Will the Bad Boy manage to [U]break your walls[/U] and come
        to terms with your [/B][U][B]secret[/B][/U][B]?
        Or will the good guy succeed instead? All this whilst
        you attend a school with architecture of a mystical appearance.
        *Character Customization*[/B]

        [B]Episodes[/B]: [B]4 and counting[/B]

        [B]Genre: Romance[/B]

        [B]Please check it out and leave a comment in the Author Q&A section, to let me know your thoughts on it.

        Much appreciated.

        Thank you so much![/B]
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          Um... I don't know if you meant to do bold or something but um... it doesn't work...

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        Heyo! I'm a new author but this isn't the first time I've attempted to write a story on Episode!
        I would love it if you guys could check out my story linked below, thank you!!!

        Author : Roxanne Louise Wisher
        Title: Gwen
        Genre: Drama/Romance
        Description: How can one girl from Spain change the lives of so many people?
        Link: [url][/url]


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          My name is Myn and I am a new author on Episode. I just started a story called Finding Myself.
          It's about a girl named Sarita who encounters some bad situations in the middle of senior year and falls into a cycle of depression.

          Being a new author, it would be great to get some feedback, and I hope you will read/enjoy my story

          <3 Myn

          [URL][/URL] Here's the link!


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            [CENTER][SIZE=16px][COLOR=#4B0082]Hey, I'm new in episode too! I checked your story and I have to say good job! Can you read mine too? It is called The Super Triplets

            Link: [/COLOR][URL=""][COLOR=#4B0082][/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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              Hey I'm new here too! My name is Hadeer.
              i've just published my story and I'll appreciate so much your feedback !
              My story's name : Angel I've written 4 chapters and counting for more...



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                Hi guys
                I am new to this ... I've published a story
                [B][SIZE=14px]Title: The Uprising
                Description : Just when Stephen's life can't get any worse, Violette shows up. Only to find out she is the only one who can save him.
                Genre: it's both Romance and Drama

                It's a bit different from the kind of stories that are usually read on episode... But I hope you enjoy it.[/SIZE][/B]


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                  [FONT=verdana][SIZE=18px][FONT=verdana][B][COLOR=#FF0000]Hi[/COLOR] everyone![/B] i also just started mine, and i absolutely love directing episodes but i can't make a good story plot. i'd really appreciate it if you guys have any ideas to share for me to write in the next episode.

                  [B]TITLE[/B]:[COLOR=#800080] The Password [/COLOR]
                  [B]Author[/B]: yk
                  [B]Chapters[/B]: 3 ( [COLOR=#B22222]STILL ON GOING [/COLOR])
                  [B]Genre[/B]: Mystery & Drama
                  [B]STYLE[/B] : INK
                  [B]Summary[/B]: Josie Barnes and her friends met one another at a locked class after the earthquake at their first day of school. the box belongs to a mysterious girl named Vienna who went into a coma after the earthquake. yet the box is filled with mysteries.

                  [B]LINK: [URL][/URL][/B]

                  Thank you so much! please help and reviewwwww, maybe give ideas on where it should go! thank you <3[/FONT][/SIZE]
                  [COLOR=#0000CD]love, [I]yk. [/I][/COLOR][/FONT]
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                    hey guys i am a new author i have published my second story

                    Title: My Destiny
                    Author: Jess_23
                    Chapters: 3 (plot)
                    Genre: Romance
                    Description: There is a family secret that turns your world upside down. Will you overcome everything. (cant say everything)
                    Link: [url][/url]
                    Instagram: jess.episode.12