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Read and be read! Help thy neighbor! Calling all newbies!

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  • Read and be read! Help thy neighbor! Calling all newbies!

    Hi guys
    I just recently started writing my own story on Episode and I have been completely hooked on it for the past one month.
    I think its a great way to express ourselves and kudos to Episode for fostering a certain will to do something within me. (finally )

    I haven't published my story yet (still waiting for the team to approve my cover art, fingers crossed).

    My story is called 'Second Time's The Charm' and its a lighthearted and cute romance/drama that includes lots of pretty outfits for the main character and of course, a lot of eye candy (wink ^^ wink)

    Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could suggest your stories to me so that I can read yours and you could try reading mine after I publish it.
    C'mon guys, lets do the each other out!

    Oh and please message me if you'd like to share anything about coding, remembering choices, changing outfits, sounds, spot directing etc.
    I'm not an expert but I can share with you the links which helped me write my story!
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