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  • Pitch it!

    Story pitches (aka log lines in the professional writing world) are an important first step for any writer and story. The purpose is to boil a story idea down to its core parts. The Episode team starts a new story project with a basic pitch on which to build and develop a comprehensive plot. From there we collaborate to create a story summary and eventually a first outline. We do all this before we start writing a script or directing any scenes.

    Having a good pitch for your story is a great way to grab your reader’s (or editor’s) attention as well as help you, the writer, focus and drive your story. You should seek to answer three basic questions: Who is MC? What is their goal? What challenge/obstacle/antagonist are they facing?

    In this linked document you can see the original log lines for our Episode original story “Juvie” as well as an initial draft of our story summary.

    **SPOILER WARNING** If you have not read Juvie be aware that this document will give away key plot points.

    “Juvie” Pitch and initial Season One Summary

    We would love to see you all share your pitches in this new dedicated sub-forum! You can post your pitch to give feedback or offer constructive advice to other writers as they begin their new stories.

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    When I press the link, it tells me I need permission from the owners to view the document. I was hoping you guys could fix that because I have no idea how a pitch works.


    • Lady_Rhapsody
      Lady_Rhapsody commented
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      The same thing happens to me. The other links in the outline and script sections work fine, though.

    • Lovely Kate
      Lovely Kate commented
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      Yeah, I get that too.

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    Can I add a pitch even though my story's already out?


    • maimailo
      maimailo commented
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      Because I understand where you're coming from. I honestly have a whole essay on how my story goes, who the protagonist is, what happens, what happens to the other people and such.

    • Liz
      Liz commented
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      What about a pitch for your next story idea?

    • the_alien_queen
      the_alien_queen commented
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      Maybe post on outline instead?

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    Hmmmm good idea. Thanks.


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      Okay so my pitch is a world were women are rare because they died of a plague or something along those lines...

      I have more of a concrete idea and it looks something like an outline but I would not consider it that as in it doesn't tell what happens in the story chapter by chapter more like random thoughts that come together.

      Am I in the right forum?


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        My idea for a story is: basically there is this weird island where tons and tons of ships keep ending up on, except everyone who ends up there never ages and the people who live there have a great time, but one day a girl ends up there by mistake and weird things start to happen