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  • Tips ;)

    Hey guys! I'm pretty bored right now, so I decided to write some tips

    1- Zooms

    ~ ex : @zoom on 158 345 to 201% in 5

    - 158 is the spot horizontal ; 345 is the spot vertical ; 201 is on how far/near you zoom ; 5 is how long it takes until the screen stops moving (can use 0 too).

    2- Spots

    ~ ex : @CHARACTER1 spot 0.967 180 300 in zone 2 at layer 2

    - 0.967 is how big/small the character is ; 180 is the spot horizontal ; 300 is the spot vertical ; zones (1,2,3 or 4, depends on the background) ; layer 2 is which layer it is (you can put whatever layer you want, just remember, the numbers under zero (-1, -2, -3, etc...) are behind those over 0 (1, 2, 3,etc...) ).

    3- Panning/Cutting

    ~ ex : @pan to zone 2 / @cut to zone 2

    - pan is "sliding" to the zone you want (1,2,3 or 4, depends on the background) ; cut is "cutting" to the zone you want , it goes directly to it(1,2,3 or 4, depends on the background).

    4- Standing

    ~ ex : @CHARACTER1 stands screen center in zone 2

    - the character stands where it is, but make sure to don't make it pop in the scene, except if this character can teleport!

    5- Outfits

    ~ ex : @CHARACTER1 changes into OUTFIT
    make sure your character doesn't "exits" the scene when you want it to change outfit! Or it will pop in the right of the zone, and then enters, and it'll[COLOR=rgb(255,0,153)]
    seem like a glitch :/ . Be creative with the outfits!

    6- [/COLOR]Transitions

    ~ ex : @transition fade in black 2

    - fade is on of the 4 transitions possible! (fade, iris, curtain and shade) ; black is one of the 9 colors possible! (white, yellow, blue, green, red, magenta, black, orange, gray) ; 2 is the number of second it take to do the transition
    Here's some exemple with the other transition :

    @transition iris in/out white 3
    @transition curtain in/out_left/right/bottom/top gray 14
    @transition shade up/down magenta 9

    The *&* thing

    ~ ex : &CHARACTER1 stands screen center / &CHARACTER1 is ACTION

    - if it's IN FRONT OF a transition, then the character won't pop in the scene ; if it'd IN FRONT OF another character that talks (in the script) , the character will do the action while the other character talks

    8- AND/THEN

    ~ ex : @CHARACTER1 enters from left to screen center AND CHARACTER1 does it while running THEN CHARACTER1 is tired

    - AND means the character does it at the same time ; THEN means the character does his thing
    RIGHT AFTER the other thing it did

    If you have script problems, you can ask me! I'm always available!

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    Bump! This is awesome!


    • alia15
      alia15 commented
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      hi?i have a question, how can i make my character enters running??(run_jog) from zone 1 to zone 3? i want it to look like she is actually jogging..tnx

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    Hi! I'm a first time writer with Episode and so far I have set up the beginning of my story and would like the initial setting of an episode to be a cover art but I don't know how to set that up. So how do I go about that? and do you know what the background code is for the walk in closet I see in a lot of episode stories? Also, do you know what the coding or process is for putting the customized name for the character's name display? Do you know how I can input sound?


    • Mistralis
      Mistralis commented
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      Hello~ To answer your questions...
      1) Have you already set a cover? If not,, click on a picture near the story in your portal and it will show the requirements. Updated covers won't appear until the story is published. If you wish to show the cover again right when the story itself is starting upload it as a background in the Art Catalog section, carefully following what they suggest and wait for it to be approved. Then you can just insert it in your story as a regular background. You can use transitions and pauses so that it shows enough time for readers to read and then it slowly fades away.
      2) What do you mean by "walk in closet" feature? I noticed some episode stories have a special button to change outfits you gained in the process but you can't do that. Like, at all, it's only for official releases. However, there's a background that looks the same in most of the stories, just find it in catalog and... do your dress up thing yourself, I guess.
      3) To input a name use that script:
      input What is your name?|What is your name?|DONE (name)
      Then whenever your character should say that name, place [name] and it will show what person has entered.
      4) inputting sound is easy, just write "sound" for one sound or "music" for a looping sound and copy the name of the sound itself. Music needs to be stopped manually, so don't forget to write "music off" when needed.

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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to comment, but I was wondering how do you pan up a person's body to reveal the clothes they are wearing or for whatever other reason. I tried going to the link in the guide that covers this topic, but it doesn't lead to anywhere (it says page cannot be reached) and I tried for like ever so if anyone knows, pleaseee inform me


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    Hi, does anyone know how long it usually takes for a cover art to be approved? I haven't started my story yet, but I have uploaded cover art, and it's been a couple of days already.


    • SkyLili
      SkyLili commented
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      Once it took a whole week for mine to be approved! It usually takes 2-3 days!

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    This is extremely helpful!