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  • Which Story Idea Is More Interesting?

    I currently am working on three different stories, each with different story lines, and I would like to know which is more interesting to the others on here. So, I made a poll for it. Here are the three stories that I am working on, descriptions with attempt to not spoil things:

    Murder House: This story is about a house you decided to buy and help with renovating as you also go to college. The house is old and had a murder take place in it, the murderer unknown. Indescribable things begin to happen at this house, and you decide to get to the bottom of it.

    A Lucky Chance: You, Ella MacNamera, are an obsessive fan of the rock band Underwater Resurrection. You win a trip to see them in concert, tour backstage, and even have dinner with the band. You find yourself in the middle of trouble with the band, and it seems like it'll be very difficult to get out of.

    MovieStar High: You got accepted into the most respected school for film, a once in a lifetime chance. You meet the most known student, also the daughter of a highly respected director, and find your place in the school. You get to experience all the high school drama-- dating, lies, and cheating. Not to mention the added pressure of keeping up in a school filled with people wanting to be actors, make-up artists, directors and much more.

    Here is the poll if you're up for voting!:

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    I voted for Murder House, mostly because I'm a sucker for paranormal/crime investigation stories. Whichever one you go through with, link me so I can read it please!


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    Oh, hands up for Murder House. I'm in love with mystery stories. Drop a link if you decide to publish it?