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  • Thoughts? Would You Read This???

    So I have started writing a mystery called Hidden Symbols (still working on the name). Detective Savannah Harper (might change the surname) job means everything to her but by making one mistake she is now suspended from work until otherwise. That same night a murder takes place somewhere (still haven't decided). Police tick this off as nothing but a usual murder that is until another murder takes place a week later in Savannah's own town. The only clue that links these two murders together is the strange tattoo marking left on the victims chests. Still suspended Savannah teams up with Mythology Researcher Coden Scott to solve the case. But as they uncover secret after secret and the picture grows bigger will they want to discover the haunting truth? *Inspired by the Zodiac Killer*

    So what do you think? Yeah or meh?

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    I have to admit, I personally enjoy crime mystery stories, so I think others like me might enjoy it!


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      It sounds like it could be interesting. As there is not anything that really grabs my attention, it sounds like the kind of story I would read after someone recommended it.