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  • Two stories in progress!

    I'm new to the forums, but I've been having the app forever. I'm currently creating two stories, Love's Apprentice (wip title) About a freshman named Ellis, a smart and clever girl nearly hated by everyone for her comebacks. Tony, a senior and the most popular guy in school decides to teach Ellis how to fit in and become a better person. But he ends up falling for her. I also want assistance with an episode adaptation of Heathers the movie with aspects of the musical in it! There will be two modes for the Heathers story, one where you play as Veronica, and one with a customizable avatar which will take MUCH longer. The style will be either ink or limelight (most likely limelight) and I'd love some help

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    I hate to be /that/ guy, but I'd tread carefully if I were you when it comes to making an adaption of another movie because of copyright laws.


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      Thanks for telling me! I'm working on Love Apprentice for the time being and setting Heathers aside.