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Does this premise sound interesting? (Fantasy)

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  • Does this premise sound interesting? (Fantasy)

    Although I'm quite a newbie at writing code, I'm trying to make something worth while! So, before I invest my energy, sleep and snack times into the story, I want to make sure it's as good as it can be- so tell me, is this something you'd read?


    (NON)TEMPORARY NAME: Cecily's Tale


    To be taught how to behave by a ship of criminals, thrown overboard and brought up by merciful sirens wouldn't be exactly how an average person would imagine an average childhood, but nobody is saying she was average. A human girl raised by both nightmares of sea respectively couldn't possibly turn out to be a lawful citizen.

    And she didn't - the day she grew up to be old enough to be taken a little more seriously than a child, sirens returned her on land and gave her a task - find a ship, travel the seas and search for other ships that you can give to us as payment for not leaving you to drown, they said, and she knew this was her life now.

    Getting a ship wasn't very difficult - the woman selling it only wanted one thing: to sail the old thing overseas and take her with it. A crew was as easy as cutting a few ropes on fellow slaves - and then she'd gotten herself everything she needed.

    The new Captain starts sailing the seas, commanding the ship, building relationships, while only one task is on her mind.

    Which is finding the pirates that left her to die and helping them to the same fate.

    Unexpected, wasn't it?

    Yes, the sirens think so too. And they're quite pissed about it.


    Well, what do you think? I'm planning to work out a way to make fighting scenes, both heteroromantic and homoromantic routes (along with, as I mentioned, a no-romance route) and I'm really excited to explore the various types of personalities I can stuff into a pirate ship! I hope it'll be a heavily character-development based story, and I'm not scared to rewrite it a few times.

    Any ideas? Maybe I mentioned a topic you think I should avoid? And, most of all - would you be intereated in reading something like this?

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    OMG! This sounds amazing! And if do write and publish this you can definitely count on my read. This idea is awesome.


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      Thank you! I'm still working on some details and research, since I want it to be as accurate as possible, but I really appreciate the comment.