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  • Pearlridge Manor - Wyrt??

    Title- Pearlridge Manor
    Genre- Horror
    Sub genre- Thriller
    Chapters- Around 15/20

    My inspiration for this was Serafina and the black cloak. It is my all time favorite book, and my story includes many similar scenes, and actions.

    Now, the summary is not too good yet (working on it), but here is the general idea:

    With a workaholic dad, a cheating mom, and a formerly abusive brother that has just returned from rehab, your life is falling apart; right along with your family.

    Dad's gifts don't make up for the lost time. Mom's money and bribery doesn't shove the bad memories out of your head. Your brother's sorry's, and apologies don't change the fact that he makes you uncomfortable.

    But they want to change all of that. Your family wants to bond like they once did. What could go wrong?

    Except you know that everything could, and WILL go wrong.. but you never expected THIS.

    Pearlridge Manor. An old 1800's mansion, that has just been renewed, and restored. Sure it doesn't look too good on the outside, and there are a few cobwebs here- and- there, but it is exactly what your family needs. A large house to space out, and explore, in the MIDDLE. OF. NOWHERE.

    No wifi. No Television. No other communication, but with the ones around you. Which just HAD to be your crazy family.

    One night Joules (main char.) hears her mom and dad arguing, and decides to go for a glass of water. While passing the library, she stops. Frozen as she sees charlie (the guard dog), lifted up, and plopped back onto the ground, without making a sound. You'd expect the dog to whimper.. howl.. something. But the room is dead silent. All you hear is the heavy panting of the helpless soul.

    Just then, a tear forms in his eye, but this tear.. it.. it seems off. Just then, it runs down his face, sizzling and popping. Flakes of the dog's fur fall of.. the skin. It burns until all you can see it the bone underneath.

    _Then Joules awakens to find it was just a dream. But she has always had a sixth sense for this sort of thing. Her dreams always lead up to a similar experience.. so she sets out to stop THIS one from happening._

    Will Joules with her crazy family escape with their lives? Or will they forever be trapped?

    I know the ending isn't perfect, but HEY. I'm only 13, lmao.

    Let me know if you'd read it, and tell me if you have any questions, or ideas to add on.


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    this looks really cool!

    here are some things you might want to consider if you make it:
    -this story gives you lots of opportunities for branching! I would have a few endings, like one where her family escapes, one where they die, one where they're trapped forever, etc. or you could do it where different people survive for different endings, like in Valor Woods. for example, in one ending, the father dies. in another, the father and the brother die. whatever you deem best!
    -this story will require a lot of cool directing! if you plan on making the dog-tear dream scene, I think you should use overlays to do it. if you just narrate the scene, readers might be disappointed because they know you have access to making it realistic. I definitely hope you use a dog overlay!
    -some other choices you could have would be how Joules interacts with her family - the reader could choose if they want Joules to attempt to bond with her family, or give in to the fighting.

    I hope this helped! if you ever make this story, let me know! I'd love to read it.


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      Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely use these ideas!

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      no problem! I'm glad it helped!!

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    Story Title: Niklaus grand children
    Story Author:jazmend esparza
    Story Genre: drama
    Story Summary: What happen when NOBODY understand you? Reject form everyone? Do you find a way to be happy with yourself? Or not?
    Story Link:
    number of charters: 9 working on 10


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      razmend23 sorry! I didnt intend to use this as a thread to publish stories.


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        srry my bad I was reading alll of them