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  • which would you rather read?

    hey! I have 3 story ideas right now, but I'm not sure which I should start first. I will give a description of what happens and then you can vote which one you'd rather read.

    idea #1: drama/romance

    Kiana, as always, is forced to travel to her aunt's house for the summer. that's 3 entire months of her doing nothing in her aunt's beachside villa.
    She didn't want to go to the beach, she didn't want to go to the pier, she didn't want to go anywhere until she met September.
    September, the girl with the bright pink hair who lives next door and visits their shared private beach every morning.
    September, the girl with the asshole boyfriend who the only thing they do together is get drunk.
    September, the girl who goes to parties every few days and throws parties every two weeks.
    September, the girl who is kind, beautiful, smart, funny, and somehow always happy.
    At least, everyone thinks she is happy. After all, how could they not when all September does is smile?
    As Kiana and September grow closer, and September's boyfriend becomes skeptical, Kiana learns two important things: September is not happy, and Kiana is afraid.

    idea #2: mystery/drama

    The year is 4257, and you, 6016, write propaganda to cover up anything that could ruin the president's polished image. everybody with access to the information you have knows that the president is fake, hypocritical, and most importantly, ruthless. However, as high up as you might be, it isn't until you receive several disturbing letters from an unknown citizen who despises you that you truly realize your power. What you know could absolutely destroy the president. But it could also devastate the country, which is on the verge of a war and can only be placated by the lies that the president provides. Out of curiosity, you decide to meet the very source of the hate mail, named 4215, or Tamsin (might change name). The two of you are drawn to each other, and devise a plan that could topple the balance of the nation. In the end, it's up to you to choose: you can risk your life and initiate an era of truth and war, or sustain the somewhat peaceful nation, for the rest of your life living a lie.

    also: 6016 is just the name that she is referred to officially and professionally. like Tamsin, she'd also have a normal name, but the reader would choose 6016's name and customize her.

    idea #3: mystery/comedy

    you and your best friend are huge fans of Celeste Fontaine, and today is the day that she stays at a hotel just 13 miles away! you and your best friend throw on your Celeste look-alike blonde wigs, sparkly pants and signature Celeste blouses, catch the closest bus and make your way over there! after a loooooong bus ride consisting of you and your friend gushing to random bus riders about Celeste, you finally arrive at the hotel! you check into the room you've reserved a few months back, only to find that Celeste posted that she found a new hotel because this one was 'too happy omg' and she wanted to write her 'sexy songs in a sexy hotel, lol'. Apparently she was expecting the hotel to be more... sexy. Well, that sucks. You guys already quit your jobs so you could work for her! It looks like you and your best friend are stuck here for about 2 weeks. Can't let that reservation go to waste, right? But this place is weird, and you both know it. She was right, it's definitely not sexy. It's strangely happy here. Everyone is smiling, like all the time. And there's this super creepy curfew, they don't let you out of your rooms past 9:00 pm 'til 5:00 am. And the only food in a 3 mile radius is the pricey food from room service and the hotel's restaurant. Whaaat?

    now that you've read through the descriptions... if you had to read one of these stories, which would you rather read? hopefully this poll works. and if you have time, I'd love if you would elaborate on your answer in the comments. thanks!
    idea #1
    idea #2

    The poll is expired.

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    I quite like both Idea #2 and Idea #3, but Idea #2 reminds me of the novel 1984 and that feels a little more interesting!


    • brinn
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      thanks for responding! I only realized that #2 was similar to 1984 after I posted the poll!
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    • AshlynnA
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      brinn No problem! And I do think that's a good thing; 1984 has been heralded as a timeless piece of literature that's still got an air of truth to this day, so creating a story that has a similar tone is really cool!

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    bump! thank you to those who already responded!


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      #1 sounds cool! If you end up publishing any of these let me know, I would love to read any one of them! I just wanna know, how did you come up with these? Was it a dream, or it just came to you? Anyway, #1 has my vote!


      • brinn
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        ahhh thank you!
        #1 was inspired by some things in my own life (mostly me and my group of friends being too afraid to talk to other people and stuff), #2 was from a particularly long English block period discussing power dynamics in the Kite Runner (random, I know), and #3 was based off of a story-roleplay thing I created with my cousin, kind of like Dungeons and Dragons, except everything was thought of on the spot.
        anyways, thanks for responding! I really appreciate it.

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      Can you write all three of them? I like all three!


      • brinn
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        haha thanks! I think I’ll write the other 2 after the 1st one I write is finished so I can see what publishing and writing on a schedule is like.
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      I think that all of them are great but #3 it's my favourite!!!


      • brinn
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        thank you! this is really helpful!

      • Ruby.Marshmallow
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        brinn np

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      Story Title: Niklaus grand children
      Story Author:jazmend esparza
      Story Genre: drama
      Story Summary: What happen when NOBODY understand you? Reject form everyone? Do you find a way to be happy with yourself? Or not?
      Story Link:
      number of charters: 9 working on 10


      • brinn
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        hey, I know you want people to read your story, but this thread was only for people to help me choose a topic to write about. maybe you meant to post this somewhere else?
        anyways, if you want to share your story, there are tons of Read for Read threads where people will read your story. try not to self-advertise on posts where you're not meant to. thanks!

      • razmend23
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        sorry I got cared away btw 2

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      I like #2 the best.