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Would you read this story? - Nocturnal Symphony 2084

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  • Would you read this story? - Nocturnal Symphony 2084

    My goal is create and publish my next and final story on Episode. I would like to know whether you would read it or not and whether I should use the INK style or Limelight style for this story. I would also appreciate it if you gave me some input or tips. I'm going to work on the outline and start it by February of 2018. I'm planning on publishing a complete story (in case I give up or discontinue the story) of it between December 2018 and June 2019. After all the advice and criticism I received on previous stories, as well as the experience I have gained in writing and directing, I'm planning on making this one the best story I can. So I'm going to give it a lot of time. I'm sure you want to know the details of it and get to voting.

    Title: Nocturnal Symphony 2084

    Description: Set in 2084, you're a highly trained covert operative named Cora, who is tasked by the Department of Defense to eliminate a cell of cyber terrorists known as XOF, in Central Los Angeles. Cora soon comes face-to-face with the horrors of the city. Drugs, poverty, and violence still haven't disappeared by 2084, causing Cora to operate amongst powerful gangs (street and political) and mega-corporations who are somehow involved in the assignment she was given by her superiors. Cora must work along the LAPD's Counter Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB) in an attempt to kill or capture members of XOF to eliminate the fear and threat of domestic terrorism, not only in the city, but throughout the nation.

    I don't want to give off too much! = )

    Let me know if I should use INK or Limelight (since INK has a lot of animations and customization options unlike Limelight. But maybe Limelight will get a lot of customization options and animations in the future?)

    Here's the poll, and if you chose other, it would be great of you explained why. Don't be afraid to comment either!
    Yes, I would read it.
    No, I wouldn't read it.
    Other (I would read it, but...)
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    I'd definitely read it
    I prefer Ink, but I guess Limelight isn't that bad either, so I'd read it anyway <3


    • Five Star Equilibrium
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      Yes, I agree. INK definitely sounds like the way to go!

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    This story sounds so good! Preferably I like Ink but the choice is yours, and if you ever do publish it can you let me know as this sounds like a story I definitely want to read.


    • Five Star Equilibrium
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      Yes, INK sounds like the best option. But I'll keep Limelight in mind in case customization and animations improve over time, then I'll see if I might want to switch the style. And I'm planning on releasing this story late 2018 to mid 2019. Stay tuned till then!

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    Omigosh, I love stories set in the future, I would definitely read a story like this! Even if I hate the INK style I think it's the best option for now, but still, Limelight has a lot of potential, who knows what kind of crazy update they'll release in the future? Anyways, I can't wait to read it and I just wish you luck and inspiration because u know, it takes a lot of time and effort to write a story. Have a nice writing! ヾ(^-^)ノ


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      Yes, I'm still wondering if Limelight has potential for customization options in the future. But yes, I also love stories set in the future (synthwave/cyberpunk) and thanks for the motivation!

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    I would read this because it sounds as if you will be putting a great deal of effort into this. Personally, I prefer INK to Limelight. (Classic is my favorite)
    Although you can offer greater character customization in Limelight, limiting your customization options may allow you more creative freedom.


    • Five Star Equilibrium
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      Yes, I'll try my best with this story! (Both story-line and directing)

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    New Description

    Nocturnal Symphony 2084

    Set in 2084, you're a hard-earned criminal named Cora, who is a member of a net-running and weapons dealing boostergang called the Crimson Blitzers. Cora is assigned by her bosses to assist in a weapons deal with members of the powerful mega-corporation, Novo Defense & Tactical Security Systems. The mission takes an unexpected turn, causing Cora to do whatever it takes to survive as she comes face-to-face with rival gangs, mega-corporations, and the law. The story takes place in Los Angeles, where violence, drugs, and poverty still haven't disappeared by 2084.

    The story will have an 1980s synthwave theme to it to give off a futuristic 80s feel.

    (Plans to release in late 2018 to mid 2019) = )

    Feel free to give any advice and ideas on the new setting and plot.