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    Essentially, I thought it would be a neat idea to create a thread where people could share their upcoming/pending Episode stories.

    Feel free to share a title and description, cover art, and more if you'd like! People can then like and comment on whether they would be interested in reading your story.

    Post away!

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    That's a great idea.


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      THIS IS GREAT!!!!!
      I have an upcoming story!
      You can follow me on episode (Queen Faith) to see it when it's finally published and follow me on
      It's called SPOTLIGHT: Crazy Ex-Boyfriend
      Description: "Oh honey, you haven't seen love like this before." Play as Lola who retells her story about her crazy ex boyfriend to a police officer. (Yeah, I need to work on the summary)
      Cover Art:


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        Working Title: The Quest​​​​​​
        Genre: Adventure, fantasy
        Style: Classic

        Matt is an unmotivated NEET. The night his girlfriend dumped him, he wakes up in an different world and is told he is the chosen one.

        As awesome as that sounds, not everything is as it first appeared.

        ​​​​​​Multiple endings, and even seemingly insignifigant choices will affect the ending.
        Death is a possibility. Male protaganist.
        Comedic elements. Little Romance.
        The story will likely be four to five chapters long.
        I hope to publish it after it is finished.


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          Author :LIME light storyANA
          lime light style
          6 chapters ongoing
          Dia and Isaac meet and start a very complicated relationship.


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            I'll go ahead and share my own story that I'm working on! Description is still being worked on.

            Title: Let Love In
            Genre: Romance
            Style: Limelight
            Format: Spotlight
            Description: You're a recluse who hides away in your apartment to avoid people. Will your new neighbour help you come out of your shell? Choices matter! CC, LGBT options.
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