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  • "Something Of A New Season" Pitch

    Description: Rune Ryan has a bad habit. She has to be perfect no matter what.

    Summary: Rune comes from a wealthy family, a family that never fails. Her mother is a genius scientist on the brink of curing cancer and her father is a wealthy businessman that just so happens to own many of the worlds internet providers. So when she fails to get into an Ivy Leauge college and is forced to go to an average university, she is shunned by the world she once knew and thrown into something new but just like the seasons sometimes new things can blossom into something new.

    Style: Limelight or Ink spotlight.

    Misc: - Protag is a lesbian
    -Love interest is a suffers from anxiety
    - Deals with emotional abuse from parents (probably won't write those scenes)

    I know the summary is a little wonky lol but I can explain more if the need be.